Time to get back on it!


Up up and away!! Getting back on it today. “On it” being the path that takes me to ultimate health and happiness.

The past few months have been great but I’ve really let my health slip downwards by eating too much junk, not doing enough exercise and totally losing my focus! Sounds bad really doesn’t it!! Especially as I pride myself in coaching women to lead healthy lifestyles. But sometimes this is wha happens. We focus so much on others that we let our own need slip and before you know you look in the mirror and don’t recognise yourself!

So today it’s time to refocus.
Today it’s time to put health and happiness at the top of my list.

Do you need to do the same?

By detoxing my body I’m also detoxing my mind and clearing my head to be able to refocus properly.
For me detoxing isn’t about losing weight. It’s about cleaning up my body, my mind, my act! It’s about getting myself “together”. Once that has happened and I’m focused, then my body will fall into line and become strong and fit. No doubt I will lose weight/fat as the weeks go on.. I’ve eaten a lot of junk over the past few months. That’s gotta go somewhere! But my focus isn’t going to be on the scales. I’ll take my measurements on day one as Something to look back on in a years time. I don’t own scales
And won’t be stepping on any unless totally necessary for some medical reason!

I’m aiming to step on stage next year and compete in a fitness/model completion. I haven’t chosen which one yet, but I know I have A LOT of work to do to get up to standard. That’s my journey though.

What’s yours?

Whatever your destination when it comes to health and fitness, know that you don’t have to follow fad diets and make Yourself unhappy and ill to get results. Eat well. Eat good foods and move every day. Keep your focus on health and happiness 😊

I’m happy to give advice on leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. Please contact me for more info on how I can help support you to make positive lifestyle changes #AIMHIGH


Grab it now while it’s free!


The summer holidays are fast approaching. 7 weeks of planning days out, holidays, picnics, meals out, socialising, working, driving, biking, swimming, long sunny walks, bbq’s, camping, park dates and much much more!
Are you ready??!
If your favourite summer outfit is feeling a bit snug and you don’t have the energy to get you though the next 7 days, never mind 7 weeks! Then you will want to join this amazing 5 day support programme starting next week. 5 days of non stop nutritional information and support!!. Mini workouts to keep you feeling energised. Fab tasty recipes to keep your tummy happy and body fighting fit! Full on daily motivation and encouragement!!This is one not to miss!

Comment below with a “YES PLEASE” and I’ll add you to my fab support group.

And it’s all free!! No special items to purchase. Just log on every day and get the info and support you need to get you though those hectic summer weeks ahead!!

Look forward to chatting to you soon!!

A busy womans guide to supplements


We all need that extra boost to gain a strong, healthy and fit, body and mind . Here is how you can achieve yours! Whatever your age!

30’s: Your 30’s are generally a pretty healthy decade. Mind and body are still performing at their peak but stress and low energy levels can become a problem for women as they struggle to juggle work life and home life.

Think about adding

Iron: poor iron levels are quite common in tia age range as women tend to eat below the average recommendation of sources such as red meat. Consider taking an iron supplement to increase energy levels particularly if you suffer with heavy periods.

Magnesium : My top supplement! Magnesium is a definite stress buster yet around 89% of adults are deficient in it. Magnesium combats a lot of stress symptoms including headaches, poor sleep and restfulness. Take 2 capsules 30 mins before bedtime each night.

Rhodiola Rosea: this herb comes from the adaptogen family which means it can adapt to hat your body needs. It’s a great stress buster and can help you feel calmer and more able to cope with the everyday stresses being a busy mom can bring!
40’s: your 40’s are a time of transition. At a time when many changes can trigger future health issues it is important to be going your body the extra boost it needs to stay healthy. The biggest transition in this age group is the approach to menopause and what you can do now to help you through it.

Selenium: aids immunity and also has potential protective properties faints cancer. It is also important in i suing healthy liver function and detoxification.

Omega 3: you’ll notice the biggest changes n your skin during your 40’s. Omega 3 helps reduce dryness, which helps make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. It also helps fight against inflammation especially good if you suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis.

Calcium/Vit D combo: an estimated 630,000 people in the UK have blood sugar levels that make them “pre-diabetic” with about 50per cent going on to develop type 2 diabetes. Studies show that a Vit D/calcium combo help reduce the risk of pre-diabetes. A lack of Vit D ca also contribute towards dark circle under the eyes.

50’s: The average age of menopause in the UK is 51. Your 50’s involve all kinds of changes including adjusting to a lower level of oestrogen. This ca trigger all kinds of issues, the most common being heart problems. Heart disease is the biggest killer of women in the UK so think about adding..

Omega 7: low oestrogen levels can trigger dry hair, skin and nails.. And also intimate areas leading to discomfort! Omega 7 oil can relieve symptoms.

B Complex: Low levels of B12 have been linked to mental decline and confusion as we age. After the age of 50 we find it hard to process B12 from foods as stomach acid levels decline. As you Ah you need higher levels of all the b vitamins so try a b complex that has the full range.

5 HTP: Depression can occur in your 50’s possible due to to menopausal hormonal changes, or the fact that it’s a common age to lose a parent or go through a divorce. 5HTP helps to regulate the mood enhancing hormone serotonin.

60’s: You may start to notice the slowing of systems in your pay and more aches and pains developing. But don’t let that get you down! Add a few of these to your daily diet..

Zinc: Ensuring you have healthy levels of zinc in your system helps maximise your healing powers.

GOPO: fights pain from inflammation. Glucosamine has always been seen as the top supplement to combat inflammation pain but GOPO is fast becoming the alternative. Take if you suffer from arthritic pain or bone and joint pain.

Vitamin D: Vital at any age but more so as you get older as vitamin D deficiency weakens muscles and can lead to falls. Our bodies make Vit D from UVB rays, something we Brits lack, especially during the winter months!

Live your life and live it well

and image

How often do you compare yourself to Mrs Bloggs down the road?

How often have you stood at the school gates and judged yourself on how you look by judging how others look?

How often do you wish you had lost as much weight as your neighbour?

It’s incredible how often we compare ourselves to others. Thinking to ourselves “oh I wish I had her body, face, figure, husband, job, friends”. It’s crazy!!

what we should be doing is focusing on our own lives an our own goals.

We are all leading different lives, different lifestyles with different outcomes.

Judging someone on what you see doesn’t give you the whole picture. Judging someone’s supposedly outside happiness doesn’t give you any clues to how they actually feel on the inside.

yes, Mrs XYZ may look magnificent and have a killer figure, but she may also be hiding a killer secret inside that’s eating away at her  she may be feeling really unhappy and her outward projection is a big cover up.

Dont be fooled into trying to live out someone else’s life as you don’t know what is really happening on the inside .

Focus on YOU

Set your own goals and tackle each one at your own pace.

Be happy with your achievements. As you reach each one, treat yourself and praise yourself for doing well.

Focus on your own journey

Everyone has different hurdles they have to face. And each hurdle appears at different stages in our lives. No two lifestyles are exactly the same. So why focus on someone else journey when you have lots to achieve in your own life.

Think about what goals you can set yourself this month and break your goals down into weekly and daily tasks to complete. Tick off each task as you complete it and reward yourself as you go along.

be happy with who you are and the positive changes you make as you live YOUR life.

Love, health and happiness

Louise xx

Cheesy treats!

image   image

How have I gone for so long without knowing about Quark??!!

A few days ago I thought I would follow the advice of fellow nutrition enthusiasts and give cottage cheese a try.


It reminded me of gone off yoghurt. Both watery and thick and lumpy!

One person on my timeline likened it to thrush!!

It wasn’t a hit. Not even slightly. I even brought it with added pineapple to add some flavour. Even that didn’t save it from the bland lumpy bumpy mush it is.

Then someone suggested I try Quark! Never heard of it until this moment.

Purchased one day later from Tesco and applied onto my freshly purchased quinoa cakes, which are equally as delicious, and topped with cucumber. A really refreshing snack or a very light meal.

I’ve since tried a few variations and will be attempting a nut cheese cake using quark in the next few days.

So it works well on rice cakes, quinoa cakes.. I’ve added prawns, chicken, salad. Topped a sweet potato with it and added fresh mint.

Give it a whirl and send me your favourite recipes using quark.

It’s my new favourite food and I’m sure there are plenty of fabulous recipes out there!.. Oh and did I mention it’s fat free!!!


When numbers kill!


I’m just reading more about the poor girl who died from taking those awful diet pills you can buy online. It’s such a tragedy that these pills are still so readily available. It’s insane that we are so desperate to see the numbers go down on the scales that we put our lives at risk like this!

Life is so precious and we are given this body to love and protect, yet we feel the pressure to abuse it in such a way that leads to death.

This girl was suffering from an eating disorder so there were underlying issues mentally too.

I speak to so many women that want to be  8 1/2 stone. When I ask them why, they don’t know. They think it will make them happy but when they reach their “goal weight” they realise it doesn’t. Numbers don’t make you happy. Happiness comes from inside, from you loving who you are.

I stood on my friends scales recently and shocked myself with the number staring back at me! So much so that I’ve been believing I need to lose 2 stone. But why? Who for? Because I’m actually happy. I’m fine with who I am and I like myself… In fact I love myself. The more I learn to love myself ,the more I want to treat my body right and feed it with good food and strengthen  it with regular exercise. Yes my shape will change and that will be a result of me treating my body right. Not because I’m starving myself and popping pills. Health and happiness don’t start at the scales.

Im stopping weighing myself and measuring myself. I’m not even bothered what my dress size is.

If it fits and I feel good, then I’m happy with whatever size it is. And I’m encouraging my clients to do the same . We are programmed into believing what that scales and tape measure say define us.

No more numbers.

Ive even taken numbers out of my Ab Fab programmes. I don’t care what you weigh or what your thigh measurements are.

I care about your health and how you feel.

I care about your happiness and your lifestyle.

I care that you are enjoying eating real food and want to treat your body with love. None of which can be achieved by a number.

so now I’m going for a run, not because I’m desperate to lose 2 stone, but because it’s half 6 in the morning, it’s my favourite part of the day and I like being outdoors. Running also releasing lots of feel good hormones and gets you fired up for the day ahead

Put your health and happiness ahead of the scales.

Eat good food. Drink lots of water… And move!

Rip to all who have lost their loves to these toxic deathly pills. Please talk to spine about how you are feeling if you  are feeling the need to take pills of this type to lose weight


Spring clean your body!

Has the Easter holiday left you feeling sluggish and bloated? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Hundreds , if not thousands of mums are feeling just like you right now.

Too much chocolate. Maybe too much wine. Too many roast potatoes. Too many crisps. Too much on your plate. Not enough sleep. Not enough rest. Ahhhhh the list is never ending!

The funny thing is, everyone knows they are feeling heavy and tired because of overdoing it (again!!) during the holidays, but twy lack the motivation to make the necessary changes needed to feel great again! And it really is simple. Healthy living doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. You don’t have to stress over what the scales say or how many calories your “healthy” “low fat” “actually full of sugar” soup contains.

You just need to relax and follow an easy nutritional plan that works for you!

And in steps the Ab Fab Plan. My FREE 5 day plan will give you an insight into how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not just for you but for your family too. You can follow it for 5 days and then add in whatever you fancy on the other 2 days of the week. It’s not low fat, low carb or low calorie. It’s just simple and nutritious.

Being  healthy isn’t just about what you eat though. It’s also about what you think.

Your thoughts play a huge part in controlling your hormones and emotions which in turn can have an effect on how your body reacts to different foods , how you store fat, use energy etc.

The Ab Fab Plan offers a free support system. A group on Facebook where you can share your recipes and receive motivation and support from other like minded mums.

The summer holidays are only a few months away and I’m guessing you don’t want to feel sluggish and bloated during the time when you should be feeling full of energy and be on high spirits!

By making the necessary changes now you can start to change your life style to a more healthier one. In the next 6 weeks you will amaze yourself with what you can acheive.

What have you got to lose?

A few lbs maybe and the grumpy mum inside of you!!

want to get involved??

follow this link to download your free plan and get kickstarted to a new you!!


An apple a day…

image image

After a few weeks of feeling tired and stressed, my body is beginning to feel the effects.

Stress can cause all sorts of problems and leave you feeling sick and tired and in pain.

We happily reach for medication and book doctors appointments when a Lot of the time we just need to look at ourselves and our lifestyle.

If you’re feeling low,sick,have aches and pains and generally not feeling yourself then take a look at your diet and lifestyle first.

Nutrition and exercise play a huge part in out wellbeing and can have major influences on our moods.

Today I made a conscious effort to really eat for optimum health and wellbeing  this doesn’t mean eating 100% “clean” (maybe it should), but it does mean I’m putiing 100% into following a lifestyle that works for me and my body.

I’ve been researching anti inflammatory foods and the best foods to eat to reduce inflammation in my joints caused by osteoporosis.

Living in pain and discomfort eventually begins to take its toll on your mind and your mood suffers. No more feeling sorry myself!

Todays food plan was:

Breakfast: green juice





hot water and lemon


chicken and spinach omelette made with 2 eggs



salmon curry

I made the curry in my slow cooker on high for 2 hours

in the slow cooker I placed

1 chopped onion

small cinnamon stick

cardamom pod

1 clove

2 garlic cloves

tsp ginger

tsp tumeric

tsp garam masala

1 tin of baked beans

2 frozen salmon fillets

4 birds eye chillies

I let cook for 2 hours then added a large handful of spinach and some chopped coriander for 5 minutes before serving.

salmon curry has to be one of my favourite comfort meals

feeling comfortable and satisfied I have spent the rest of the evening drinking water.

bed will be at 10pm to get a good nights rested sleep. A good nights sleep is also very important for good health. It also helps control your hunger levels and sleeping properly will ensure you feel energised the next day hopefully stopping you from wanting to reach for processed high sugar foods.

So with just 10 minutes to go.. I’m off to get ready for bed!!

What’s your label?

What’s your label? Are you fat? Are you skinny?

You have fat but that doesn’t mean you’re fat.

you have skin but that doesn’t mean you’re skinny.

In the same way that you have hair, but you’re not hairy.

So why do we have to have these labels?

The Ab Fab plan has a great inch loss plan and I thought hard about the name of the plan, it has been a weight loss plan,but weight doesn’t matter. It was a fat loss plan but you’re not fat. So I went with inch loss as that’s exactly what it does and also that’s exactly what my clients want. They want to shave inches off their body measurements and what’s wrong with that?

Absolutely nothing!

I feel women are getting slated recently for wanting to lose inches off their waist. Having a greater waist measurement than your hip measurement can lead to heart disease so it’s really important to watch your measurents.

On the Ab Fab plan we don’t make measuring our main focus though.

Increasing energy levels, fitness levels and our moods are our main aim . The inch loss is a bonus!

I’ve posted In the past that healthy is the new skinny, but how is that any different from fat shaming someone?

It isn’t.

lots of women contact me asking how they can put on weight. They feel embaressed Because they are labeled as skinny.

sonething somewhere is going to offend someone somewhere.

sometimes it just can’t be helped.

just embrace who you are and if you feel you want to lose a few inches, find a great plan to follow and stick to it.

also if you feel you need to add a few inches, again, find a great Plan to follow and stick to it.

The main focus should be your health and your feelings . No plan is worth following if it’s making you feel ashamed of who you are.

Your health is more important than someone’s perception of you. Learn to love your body and learn what you need to do to build a healthy happy body and mind.

And more importantly enjoy yourself!

louise xxx

Cheeky chilli salmon


One of my goals for this year is to take my family away on a fantastic holiday. I haven’t taken all 5 kids away before on holiday but I wanted this year to be special. Also my eldest turns 17 this summer so it could quite easily be the last time she comes away with us as a family for a while as she starts to venture off with her mates. I hope it isn’t the last tIme,but your never know!

so the holiday is booked (shhhh,my younger kids don’t know yet!) and my purse is getting invaded and robbed for the next 6 months to pay off the bill!!

This means I’m on a very tight budget with the food shop for a while. As a result,tonight’s meal was quite random, but turned out lovely!

Here it is..

sweet chilli salmon

Made this up tonight! Really fancied salmon as not had it for a while but wanted fresh flavours to go with it.. Et voila!! Sweet chilli salmon 😊👍 I pan fried sweet peppers,chilli peppers,leeks,garlic,pickled onions and gherkins in a pan with a fillet of salmon. I took the peppers,leeks,onions etc out the pan when cooked and broke the salmon up to cook quicker. Placed a handful of spinach in the pan to warm slightly then arranged it al on a plate and drizzled balsamic vinegar over the salad. Job done! Only took about 5mins to do and was lovely 😊

Also a cheap meal. Salmon was £2.30 for 2 fillets (I used one). Pickled onions are from a jar.. I used about 4 and the jar cost around 80p(large jar),same with the gherkins,leeks are 59p for 3( I used half of one)..bag of spinach is 99p( I used a small handful) and the peppers were £1.. I’m going to use half the other salmon fillet to make a salmon curry and the the other half to probably have this meal again and just use more spinach and veg t o pack out the meal. I’m on a very tight budget over the next few months as I’m saving for our family holiday! Gotta pull those purse strings very tight!!

louise xxx